Worship Programme

The Welwyn Garden City Adventist Community Church warmly welcomes all who worship with us and we want you to feel relaxed and enjoy your time.

Each Saturday our informal Family Service includes plenty of music and singing, time for prayer, and a sermon presentation on a biblical topic. We are fortunate to have a varied list of speakers each week but in general our pastor Jonathan Barrett speaks every 2 weeks.

We also like to include kids wherever possible so we usually have a story and provide space and resources for kids to draw or colour, do puzzles or play quietly.

We give time during our refreshment break for everyone to enjoy hot or cold refreshments and chat to friends and visitors. We like to get to know everyone who worships with us.

Our Study Time is an open discussion forum that usually follows a theme over several weeks although they’re structured so that visitors can participate in any week. In general we look at key points or aspects of the Bible presented from books by recognised authors.

On the first Saturday of each month we stay at the school for a Pot Luck lunch where the members of our congregation bring food - enough for themselves plus extra to share with others. There is a delicious mixture of savoury and sweet dishes from the diverse cultures who represent our church.

Once every 3 months during our main worship service we celebrate Communion in remembrance of the sacrifice Jesus made when he died on the cross.

Usually twice a year Applecroft Primary School holds school events on Saturday which require the whole school. On these occasions we can't worship at the school and will go somewhere else. Dates for these events will be published well in advance together with the alternative venue.

Service Times

The times for the various sections of our Worship Programme are shown below. Times can vary depending what is happening on the day - but we always start the Family Service at 10.00am.

Our Programme Every Saturday
Setup 9.30am to 10.00am
Family Service 10.00am to 11.40am
Refreshements 11.40am to 12.00pm
Study Time 12.00pm to 12.45pm
Prayer Group 12.45pm to 1.00pm
Pack Away 1.00pm to 1.30pm

As our Church is actually inside Applecroft Primary School we need to spend half an hour between 9.30 and 10.00am setting everything up and then another half an hour at the end putting everything away again.

We bring most of the equipment and resources we need with us each week so Setup and Pack Away usually work efficiently. The only warning is that if you arrive before about 9.45am we might not have put all the chairs out - so you could be asked to help!

When we have Pot Luck Lunch then we move to the school Canteen Area and finish around 2.45pm

Special Events

See below for the dates of regular church calendar events

Special Events Date
Next Pot Luck Lunch 7th April 2018
Next Board Meeting 15th April 2018
Next Communion TBC 2018
Next Business Meeting TBC 2018
Next School Closure 3rd March 2018

Preaching Plan for 2018

Q1 January February March
06 Raj Mukwiri 03 Adrian Lee 03 SERVICE CANCELLED
13 Max MacKenzie-Cook 10 Jacques Venter (DVD) 10
20 Beverley Norman 17 Jefferson Melki 17
27 Elder Brew 24 Max MacKenzie-Cook 24 Naftal Zinyemba
31 Max MacKenzie-Cook
Q2 April May June
07 Tremon Jackson 05 02 Dean Campbell
14 12 Patrick Boyle 09 Forrest Douglas
21 Max MacKenzie-Cook 19 Max MacKenzie-Cook 16 Max MacKenzie-Cook
28 Max MacKenzie-Cook 26 Max MacKenzie-Cook 23 Dean Campbell
30 Max MacKenzie-Cook
Q3 July August September
07 04 01
14 11 08
21 Max MacKenzie-Cook 18 Max MacKenzie-Cook 15 Max MacKenzie-Cook
28 Max MacKenzie-Cook 25 22
29 Max MacKenzie-Cook
Q4 October November December
06 03 01 Max MacKenzie-Cook
13 10 08
20 Max MacKenzie-Cook 17 Max MacKenzie-Cook 15 Max MacKenzie-Cook
27 Max MacKenzie-Cook 24 22

Friday Sunset Times for 2018

God asks us to remember the Sabbath day and to keep it holy. The Bible defines each day period as evening and morning - in other words, from sunset to sunset. As Seventh Day Adventists we observe Sabbath from sunset on Friday to sunset on Saturday. Here are the Friday sunset times this year.

Date Sunset Date Sunset Date Sunset
January February March
06 Jan 16:07 03 Feb 16:53 03 Mar 17:44
13 Jan 16:17 10 Feb 17:06 10 Mar 17:56
20 Jan 16:28 17 Feb 17:19 17 Mar 18:08
27 Jan 16:40 24 Feb 17:31 24 Mar 18:20
31 Mar 19:31
April May June
31 Mar 19:43 05 May 20:30 02 Jun 21:09
07 Apr 19:55 12 May 20:41 09 Jun 21:15
14 Apr 20:07 19 May 20:51 16 Jun 21:19
21 Apr 20:18 26 May 21:01 23 Jun 21:21
30 Jun 21:21
July August September
30 Jun 21:17 04 Aug 20:43 01 Sep 19:47
07 Jul 21:12 11 Aug 20:30 08 Sep 19:31
14 Jul 21:04 18 Aug 20:17 15 Sep 19:15
21 Jul 20:54 25 Aug 20:02 22 Sep 18:59
29 Sep 18:43
October November December
06 Oct 18:27 03 Nov 16:30 01 Dec 15:55
13 Oct 18:11 10 Nov 16:18 08 Dec 15:51
20 Oct 17:56 17 Nov 16:08 15 Dec 15:51
27 Oct 17:43 24 Nov 16:00 22 Dec 15:53
29 Dec 15:58

Worship Format

Praise Time

Our worship programmes usually begin with a Praise Time when we sing inspirational songs and hymns which help set the theme and mood for the rest of the programme.  We often sing 3-4 songs accompanied by music on the piano, flute or guitar. The words are projected onto the screen in large print which is easy to read and follow.

Kids Story Time

We try to ensure children have a time of worship dedicated to them by telling them a story or explaining some aspects of the Bible in a simple way. Sometimes we don't have any children but adults often like listening to the stories anyway.


As Adventists we believe in giving back to God a tenth (tithe) of what he has blessed us with but Offerings are voluntary. You can pay by cheque or cash and if you're a tax payer you can help by giving via Gift Aid so we can claim back tax from the Government. There is usually a main offering but sometimes there are extra offerings collected for specific purposes, e.g. to support a disaster situation or special event.

Scripture Reading

Scripture readings are usually read from the pulpit but sometimes worshippers are asked to participate. The main Bible text references are put up on the screen and Bibles are provided on seats for you to use. If you have trouble finding a particular bible verse then someone nearby will be pleased to help.

Prayer Time

Prayer is usually a communal activity but, depending on the circumstances, will either be led from the pulpit or done in small groups of 3-4 people. We always try to pray about issues that are important to our worshippers so the leader will often ask for specific prayer requests. Prayer is voluntary so don't feel pressured if you uncomfortable praying in public.


The sermon is a presentation on a particular topic or theme designed to be informative, uplifting and encouraging for worshipers.Sermons will be led from the pulpit by our Pastor or a visiting speaker and will often make reference to Bible versus, other spiritually inspired books, or the experiences of others. The format can range from a talk or lecture or contain more interactive features supported by pictures, music or videos.


The benediction is a short prayer which ends the formal worship programme, usually led by the Pastor or speaker, and usually designed to summarise the key thoughts from the sermon.


Following the formal worship programme we often give worshippers information about up-coming and future events of interest. This can range from details of future speakers to notices concerning evangelistic programmes, other church meetings and church community events.


During our refreshment break you can help yourself to a variety of hot and cold drinks with biscuits or cakes. It is also a time when we can chat to fellow worshippers and get to know visitors better.

Bible Study

Our bible study time (often referred to as Sabbath School) usually takes the form of a small group discussion. The study topic is taken from a study guide which is produced every 3 months and follows a particular theme. If you don't have a study guide then don't worry, someone will let you share or lend you one. The study time helps people explore a biblical topic in more depth and offers the opportunity to ask questions and seek answers.  There are different themed study groups for kids and youth as well as adults. Click here for the latest Adult Study guide.

Prayer Group

We believe prayer is central to our faith and praying together strengthens our relationship with God. Our Prayer Group follows on from our Bible Study time so gives an opportunity to pray about our study topic or specific things which concern our members. Usually we will focus on our community and outreach, future plans, sharing our faith and God's love.

Pot Luck Lunch

This is a communal lunch normally held on the first Saturday of each month. It encourages our worshippers to get to know each other better but also to share the food from a variety of cultures. We encourage people to stay after the worship programme but also to bring enough food for themselves plus a bit extra to share with others.


Once every 3 months we celebrate communion as part of our main worship programme. It's a special time of remembrance and reflection on the amazing sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ in dying on the cross and taking our sins upon himself as part of his plan of salvation. If you believe in Christ as your Saviour then you are welcome to take part in communion. We distribute unleavened bread and grape juice as symbols of Jesus broken body and spilt blood.

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